Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Everyday magic

Everyday magic

Tiger started life as a small market stall in Copenhagen selling umbrellas (and then sunglasses – umbrellas didn't sell so well in the summer). It grew fast – very fast, as shoppers took to their unique formula of quirky and affordable products with a Scandi design ethos.

A change in ownership, combined with massive global expansion plans, led to a need for distilling some of that magic that had made the store so successful in the first place. We worked closely with the new team, some of the old team, and some of the founding family to create a Tiger brand very much rooted in the store's unique DNA - but much more expressive of what makes Tiger stores and products unlike anything else out there.

Everyday magic

First we defined a powerful brand idea to rally around internally and externally: Everyday Magic. It’s the shorthand for everything that Tiger aspires to bring to their customers, a reflection of how they can make the functional, emotional — and the everyday, magical. The creative tension between the humble Everyday and the more fantastic Magic invites customers to go in and discover what's in store for them. It's a summation of what they stand for - being judiciously used as a sign-off in communications, as well.


Crafted to look uncrafted

We created a new logo, carefully crafted to look uncrafted. Strong shapes and lettering give it an iconic look & feel. It's used as a calling card, from the storefront to the website.

We also developed a full set of elements that would help Tiger create a more unique and expressive visual universe.

As a symbol of their mission, we created a simple satisfying smile that embodies Tiger's focus on customer service. It represents the smile they put on customers' faces as they discover things they need, things they want, and things they didn't know existed — all at a price that surprises. As a Tiger personality stamp, the smile can be applied whenever and wherever is needed, from external communications and packaging to Tiger's digital presence.


To balance the colourful products, stores and the people who work at Tiger, we introduced a set of black and white applications to balance the visual identity including accent illustrations that help explain products and their functionality.

The Tiger playfulness comes to life through photography, which depicts people interacting with products. Colourful illustrations add to the story by creating magical characters. These, besides being part of the Tiger narrative, become characters in online games and brand mascots that can be sold in the store as plush toys.

Adapting to different countries

We adapted the 'uncrafted' look of the logo to fit every name the stores were known by. From Tiger in Denmark, the UK, Spain and Italy; TGR in Sweden and Norway; Flying Tiger in Japan, Belgium and the Netherlands; to Flying Tiger Copenhagen in the USA.


Moreover, we helped Tiger manage the relationship between the master brand and the different sub-brands (e.g. Tiger Music, Tiger Arts, Tiger Photograph…). Each sub-brand had an authentic core and shared the Tiger spirit, but they had little presence in-store – the main touchpoint. They had no role in the current strategy and no clear direction moving forward. And research showed that the sub-brands helped tell the Tiger story but suffered from very low awareness.

The new brand architecture maintains each sub-brand while better integrating them to the master brand, ensuring a more visible presence in-store and a more critical role within the Tiger story. All of it done so that the sub-brands can build and contribute equity into the Tiger brand. 

Having to vary a product stamp by territory complicates packaging, labelling and stock balancing. Further, trademark issues put the supply chain at risk. We developed a ‘shortcut' symbol that stands for Tiger (TGR) anywhere and everywhere, simplifying and securing supply chain logistics.

Designed with love in Denmark

To help Tiger communicate their heritage, we created a symbol to explicitly express the store's Danish roots. To be used across packaging and communications, this symbol embodies Tiger's attitude towards design and our quiet, quirky sense of humour.

Danish spoken!

An important part of the brand, our bespoke typeface is used for emotional messages written in a playful tone of voice. An expressive use of Danish is mixed in into these messages, reinforcing the value of our origins.

A decision was later made by Tiger to rename to Flying Tiger Copenhagen, making the supply chain and global store rollout easier to manage. The new brand is currently being implemented across all their stores, and Flying Tiger Copenhagen is now one of the world’s fastest-growing retailers with plans to triple its international footprint by 2020. It’s certainly got wings!